Tophima provides services for remote management and monitoring of industrial process infrastructure and applications. Their product Autostore opens up classic hardware PLC devices and allows worldwide access and control through a secure client portal.
Users of the software range from long term fruit storage cells over high altitude training facilities and fire prevention. Tophima’s customers are located on every continent.


The Tophima Autostore solution gathers almost 20 billion data points a day. This data is stored on on-premises hardware devices which are often located in rural areas with sparse internet connectivity. The data is made available locally and remotely via a responsive web application.
The Tophima Autostore solution is offered as a hardware appliance that is managed and maintained 100% remotely. The challenge is to provide a secure, cost-effective, global communication network that is used by end users to manage their data, as well as for maintenance tasks by Tophima. It needs to be always-on and resilient to failures.
The existing network server infrastructure, which handles all communication between the on-premise hardware and its users worldwide, had grown organically and needed to be overhauled and migrated using a modern disposable infrastructure approach.


PeopleWare assumed maintenance of the existing network server infrastructure and gradually migrated it to AWS. We leverage Terraform to implement a full infrastructure as code approach and all EC2 servers can be disposed of and recreated at any time. Any non-ephemeral data is stored in S3 and EFS.
All on-premises hardware appliances are configured using Puppet and connect to a central OpenVPN network. Through this network, users can manage their processes via the user portal. New configuration code for each of the supporting services is distributed to the EC2 instances via CodeDeploy.


The new infrastructure resulted in a significant decrease in support calls. By automating all manual processes we were able to decrease the maintenance cost by 80%.

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